“Marshanda’s Weight Journey: From Gain to Loss – Tips and Explanations”

2023-05-29 10:32:55

Usually appearing with a slender body shape, Marshanda’s considerable weight gain managed to steal the public’s attention. Not a few people wonder why the appearance of the woman who is familiarly called Caca suddenly changed.

Marshanda spoke about his increased weight. Through his personal Instagram account, Marshanda also explained that his weight gain was caused by a side effect of the bipolar medication he had been taking so far, which increased his appetite.

Even though she has gained quite a lot of weight, Marshanda tries to accept herself as she is. He tried not to insecure with her weight gain or whatever about her.

Marshanda/Photo: instagram.com/marshanda99

Some time later, Marshanda’s weight dropped a lot. Marshanda’s weight loss has again invited public attention.

Finally, Marshanda also gave an explanation that he was indeed undergoing a diet program so that he lost 9 kg of weight. However, not for appearance, but health.

Besides that, many netizens are also curious about the diet method carried out by Marshanda. Curious about this Marshanda-style diet? Check out the following tips.


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