Mass Grave at Nasser Medical Complex: Palestinian Bodies Found Executed by Israeli Army

2024-04-23 01:12:00

Yesterday, Palestinian Civil Defense teams recovered 73 Palestinian bodies, some of them women and children, from the courtyard of the Nasser Medical Complex in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis.

Civil Defense said in a statement that its teams discovered a new mass grave that the Israeli army had created inside the medical complex to bury dozens of Palestinians executed inside the hospital.

He stressed that “there is clear evidence of field executions carried out by the occupation at the Nasser medical complex.”

The number of bodies discovered inside the hospital has risen to 283 since the Israeli army withdrew from Khan Yunis about three weeks ago.

At that time, the army announced, in a press release, the end of its military operation in the city of Khan Yunis, four months after its start last December.

In the same context, the media office of the Hamas-led government in Gaza said that the fate of around two thousand citizens who were in the Nasser compound remained unknown until now.

He added in a statement that the Israeli army had committed “crimes against humanity in Gaza,” calling on the international community to hold Israel accountable.

It was not clear whether the bodies found were those of Hamas fighters or civilians.

The Israeli military said in response to a question that it was verifying the information, which could not be independently verified.

The day before yesterday, rescue and ambulance teams began recovering the bodies of 210 martyrs from a mass grave inside the complex.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said yesterday that the United States was investigating allegations of human rights abuses by Israel in its operations against Hamas in Gaza.

Revealing the State Department’s annual human rights report, Blinken denied the existence of double standards in America regarding Israel and human rights. Blinken told reporters: “Do we have double standards? The answer is no.”

The US State Department revealed in its annual report yesterday that the war between Israel and Hamas, which has cost tens of thousands of Palestinian lives in Gaza and led to a serious humanitarian crisis, has had a significant negative impact on the human rights situation. .

Significant human rights issues include credible reports of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, torture, unjustified arrests of journalists and a number of other issues, as noted in the 2023 national reports on human rights practices.

The report adds that the Israeli government has taken credible steps to identify and punish those responsible who may have been involved in these violations.

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