5 Causes of Cheek Grooves: In-Depth Review and Recommended Procedures to Resolve

2024-04-23 06:22:17

In-Depth Review of 5 Causes of Cheek Grooves An annoying problem that makes many people lose confidence. Ready to recommend popular procedures that help resolve problems under control.

Have you already? Every time you smile or laugh You have to deal with annoying wrinkles every time. Some people start experiencing it at age 3, but others experience it from a very young age! Today, we are going to take you on an in-depth look at 5 causes that cause cheek wrinkles. A problem that bothers many people. Ready to answer common questions Cheek fillerCan you repair deep cheek grooves?

Revealing 5 Causes That Cause Grooves On Cheeks

Cheek grooves are caused by many reasons:

1. Increasing age

As you enter your 30s, the collagen and elastin under your skin deteriorate. Reduces skin elasticity More skin sagging This results in wrinkles along the cheeks.

Additionally, as age increases the bones under the eyes will begin to collapse. This causes the upper cheek tissue to sag until it becomes a nasolabial fold, and the other area is the bone directly under the cheek crease. If a collapse occurs It also makes the cheek grooves more visible.

2. Move the face

The next point is a fairly difficult cause to avoid: moving the face. Facial expressions such as laughing, crying or smiling. These behaviors cause facial muscles to repeatedly move in the same direction, resulting in deep wrinkles and furrows on the side of the nose. However, this does not mean that laughing or crying is forbidden. , but it may be necessary. Go down a little.

3. Sunlight

Many people may not know this. UV rays from the sun It is the main culprit in destroying the skin’s collagen and elastin, as well as other substances that help maintain the suppleness of the skin. Makes the skin fragile and deteriorates prematurely. Until finally leading to the problem of deep furrows on the cheeks Therefore, you should avoid exposure to the sun or apply sunscreen regularly.

4. Dry skin

The water present in the skin has a huge effect on making the skin plump and firm. When the skin lacks moisture or is dry, it easily causes wrinkles. They appear as shallow wrinkles on the cheeks, although they are not deep wrinkles that are difficult to correct. But there’s no denying that made me lose a little confidence.

5. Smoking and drinking alcohol

Free radicals from tobacco and alcohol Directly destroy skin health By causing the breakdown of collagen, elastin and other substances in the body. As a result, the skin deteriorates prematurely and wrinkles more easily.

Filler injection The most popular procedure to get rid of cheek furrows.

Probably the quickest way to treat cheek problems is unavoidable. Filling injection or injection of filler into the cheek area Makes the skin full and plump and the cheek grooves naturally become shallower Generally, only 1-2 CC are used, depending on each person’s skin condition. and doctor’s assessment If the quantity injected is too small, the results may not be visible. If too much is injected May cause lumps or results may not be natural

We can see that some causes of furrows in the cheeks are difficult to avoid. Both age or facial expressions. However, today there are medical technologies such as fillers that can help directly address the problem. No need for surgery. No need to collect But you need to use the service from a standard medical institution. Use real putty and provided by medical experts only For results that are natural, safe and meet your needs as much as possible.

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