Mass Poisoning of Pigeons: Uncovering Disturbing Incidents in Binche

2023-10-03 15:47:00

These Sunday and Monday, around ten corpses of pigeons were found in the surrounding area, on public roads or in private gardens. “And this is just the tip of the iceberg because there could be many more… We do not know when the poison was distributed to these birds. Not all of the poisoned animals necessarily remained in the same place and we only recovered those that were on public roads or in private homes. There could be between 200 and 300 in total…”

Because for the non-profit organization which collected and cared for the pigeons found in an apathetic state, there is no room for doubt. “This is a massive poisoning, probably with the help of a rat poison which can take up to ten days to take effect. The various symptoms of the pigeons brought back to the shelter leave little doubt on this point. We wanted to get rid of these pigeons, some of which were ringed, in a radical way. However, there are other possible ways to get rid of unwanted pigeons such as building urban dovecotes for example. This also poses a problem of persistence because other animals could have been affected by these poisons which do not distinguish between birds, rats or cats, without forgetting birds of prey which can also chase infected pigeons and then fall sick.”

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Not the first time

Last year, a similar wave of poisonings took place in Marchienne-au-Pont and, last May, in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont. “In the case of Chapelle, we had filed a complaint with the police for animal cruelty but to date, we have not yet received any news. We intend to file a complaint again for the actions of Péronnes because we cannot let this go unpunished. We also contacted the municipal authorities as well as the regional animal welfare unit.”

This Tuesday, volunteers will once again go to the site to check if there are any new pigeons that need treatment. “For volunteers who participate in this type of expedition, it is often a traumatic experience. This is also why we cannot let this type of behavior go unpunished.”

“A man pretended to be a delivery man and lunged at me with a tissue in his hand and put it on my face”
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