Massa’s hyperactivity over the weekend

2023-05-29 11:56:48

The journalist Alejandro Gomel recounted what the last days of Sergio Massa before embarking on a trip to Chinain Modo Fontevecchiaby Net TV and Radio Perfil (FM 101.9).

On Thursday he threatened to go to Paraguaybut met with maximum kirchner and finally he was present at the act of Cristina Kirchner as one of the main figures in that box that accompanied the Vice President, where he took photos with her, Peter’s Wado y Axel Kicillof.

Later, he was very close to Wado, with whom he was present in Mercedesthe small payment of the Minister of the Interior and already launched as a candidate, with whom they complimented themselves at the inauguration of a tourist train from Mercedes to Thomas Jofre, that brought together several ministers, Máximo, Wado and Massa. The Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Economy flirted with this of the candidacies.

The return of the super minister Sergio Massa, with a first stop in China

From there, Massa, no longer content only with this high exposure that he has been having in recent days, met and took a photo with Kicillof and with his wife Malena Galmarinititle of AySAin planning what is the trip to China.

The minister took a photo with Cristina, Wado and Kicillof together and then separately, so as not to leave any doubts about the high profile and the idea of ​​showing Massa as one of the setters or fundamental players of the Front of All, thinking about the next elections.

Massa debuts the ARG-01 heading to China, in search of new business and a hand with the reserves

This Sunday night, Máximo accompanies the head of the Palacio de Hacienda on a trip to China with a bitter ingredient for Alberto Fernandezwho did so much to have a new presidential plane, which Massa finally ends up premiering and who came speaking badly during this time, as is Máximo.


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