MasterChef Celebrity Colombia’s ‘El Negrito’ Delights Audience with his Rice Skills

2023-06-20 02:07:35

The content creator Iván Ramiro Córdoba, better known on all social networks as ‘El Negrito’, has kept his audience and digital community on edge since the start of ‘MasterChef Celebrity Colombia’.

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And it is that from the beginning he boasted of making the best rice of all, but he had two opportunities in which he was widely criticized for the result, since according to chefs Nicolás de Zubiria, Christopher Carpentier and Jorge Rausch it was raw.

Chapters ago he was sentenced to wear the black apron by the actress Carolina Acevedo and from that moment the tension in the kitchen grew, because in the middle of jokes it did not seem right to him to be the one chosen to be one of those who would come out of the competition and thus become in the third eliminated.

But in chapter 19 of ‘MasterChef Celebrity Colombia’ together with Biassini Segura it was the turn of ‘El Negrito’ to make a duo that would face a challenge in which removing the dreaded black apron and going up to the balcony for the rest of the week was the grand prize.

Finally, the participant managed to make the rice that he bragged about so much and as a complement he used turmeric to dye it yellow because Carolina Acevedo wore that color in that edition.

“Taking advantage of the fact that Carolina had a yellow outfit. I decided like, peanuts, perrenque to her plate, inspired by her evil, everything yellow ”

— ‘The Negro’

The dish was called “parerencado biphasic rice” made up of premium rice and peas and despite the fact that they were criticized for the presentation, since they indicated that what was ugly was rich.

Going up to the balcony, after being saved, “El Negrito” warned Carolina Acevedo that if he had to be in the same position as her when choosing him, he would not hesitate to select her to wear the black apron.

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