Matzen goes to the national committee

2023-12-17 15:34:32

The Convention of the Radical Civic Union of Río Negro met yesterday in Valcheta to renew authorities and determined that the leader of Roca Roberto Ferrero will preside over the new stage of the provincial committee

Mayor Yamila Direne, who the previous week assumed her second term as head of the Southern Line municipality, was the host of the radical meeting that brought together conventional members from across the province.

The radicals defined the authorities of the committee with Ferrero in the presidency, Angélica Gallardo (Bariloche) will take over as first vice president and Mónica Martínez (Cipolletti) will be second vice president.

The conventional members also voted unanimously to form the drafting committee of the party’s Organic Charter that will be modified, with the participation of all internal sectors.

Meanwhile, legislator Lorena Matzen will join the UCR national committee led by Martín Lousteau, who was elected president of the party on Friday, from a secretariat of the national table.

At the national level, there is also Mateo Martínez from Rio Negro who was chosen as a member of the leadership of the Radical Youth.

​​​»Once again the Radicalism shows evidence of institutionality by taking the corresponding steps to have its bodies formed and in force. Just as authorities were elected at the national level, in the Province the block of authorities of the Convention was consolidated,” said Matzen.

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