Max Verstappen’s Trophy Mishap: The Viral Moment at the Hungarian Grand Prix

2023-07-23 19:02:06

A very curious event took place at the end of the Hungarian Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen was crowned with victory and Lando Norris was second, but at the time of celebrating with champagne, the McLaren broke his porcelain trophy for the Dutchman.

The video went viral on social media because of the way it happened, as Norris wanted to make the bottle ‘explode’ and dunk his colleagues, but ended up breaking Max’s trophy instead.

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Red Bull mocked Norris for breaking the trophy

After the action ended at the Hungaroring, the ‘Red Bull’ team was active on social networks, where they sent a couple of ‘errands’ to Lando Norris after the incident, generating ridicule among his followers.

In the first instance, Red Bull uploaded a story to its Instagram account where the team’s mechanics and staff are seen with one of the pieces of the trophy, a video where they tagged the McLaren driver, but it was not the only thing.

In a post on his main profile, they uploaded a photo of Max Verstappen carrying bits and pieces and what he could salvage the trophy, including a great phrase that alludes to the record he broke with Checo Pérez.

“Records are made to be broken,” Red Bull wrote, and Lando Norris simply responded with a ‘baring teeth’ emoji, as a sign of ‘pity’.

Max and Checo Pérez are now the most dominant pairing in Formula 1, surpassing Senna and Prost, having won all 11 races so far this season as a team.

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When is the next Formula 1 race?

The twelfth race of the season in Formula 1 is scheduled for Sunday, July 30, which will be the last one before the summer break, so the Belgian Grand Prix awaits the drivers. The race will start at 7:00 a.m.

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