Max will not allow shared accounts from this date

MEXICO.- Maxthe streaming platform that replaces HBO Max will replicate the competition’s strategy, because like Netflix y Disney+from a certain date your system will change to avoid what users Share your password.

Why will Max prohibit account sharing?

It was last week when it was announced the name change from HBO Max to Max, But days after this “renewal”, perhaps the most significant change to the streaming platform has been reported.

Well now, Max it will take drastic measures against the use of shared accounts, a practice that platforms like Netflix y Disney+.

This is how the service Warner Bros., y Discovery prepares to eliminate shared accounts and generate a more profitable service.

And according to the terms of use from February 27Warner Bros., and Discovery reserve the right to “modify access or disable features, including for security reasons.

Likewise, it seeks to “limit the impact of account sharing outside your home or wherever we have concluded.” Therefore, if a suspension or cancellation occurs, you must stop using the platform.

When will the use of shared accounts be eliminated?

Jean-Briac Perrette, president of streaming and gaming at WBD stated that this measure It will be implemented at the end of 2025 and will expand during that year to all markets where it is available Max.

However, at the moment he did not release more details about how the process will be carried out to prevent the users exchange your passwords.

But some experts have noted that it is likely to follow the same steps as Netflixthat is to say, charge an extra percentage to share the account.

HBO Max increased in price. How much does it cost to have a subscription?

Max if you have just expanded Mexico with new plans. If you want to hire it, below we tell you what packages it has.

The plans available in Max son:

Basic plan with ads

Its cost is 149 pesos monthly or an annuity of one thousand 179 pesos. You have the ability to stream two devices at the same time and view content with a resolution Full HD 1080 y Dolby Digital 5.1. It also has unlimited ads.

Standard plan

This plan costs 199 pesos monthly o 1,799 pesos annually. Allows the transmission of two devices at the same time, content in Full HD y 30 downloads to enjoy content offline.

Plan platino

The price of this plan is 249 pesos monthly o 2,397 pesos annually. Allows simultaneous streaming on four devices, streaming on 4KUHD y Dolby Atmosas well as up 100 downloads Without connection.

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