Maximize Performance and Quality with NVIDIA DLSS 3.5: A Deep Dive into Light Reconstruction Technology for Cyberpunk 2077 and More!

2023-09-21 15:00:00

In order to prepare for the upcoming “Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty” which will be launched on September 26th, the main program was updated to version 2.0 at 23:00 on September 21st, Taiwan time, and was officially introduced with light. NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 function of reconstruction technology, let’s take a look at its performance with various graphics cards! After the introduction of Frame Generation technology in DLSS 3, NVIDIA added Ray Reconstruction technology in DLSS 3.5. Different from the ray tracing operation that uses the ray tracing core in the GPU, the ray reconstruction uses the Tensor core and a set of dedicated AI algorithms to remove the unconverged images of the 3D content after ray tracing processing onto the 2D plane. Noise processing, thereby improving the final image quality and detail. Light Reconstruction On Light Reconstruction Off Light Reconstruction On Light Reconstruction Off From the actual measurement screen of “Dytronics 2077: Free Fantasy”, it can be seen that the ray tracing acceleration (Overdrive) mode has been turned on, which is the highest level. In the case of ray tracing image quality, after applying light reconstruction, the light and shadow details displayed on the reflective surface are clearer. But in the final analysis, everyone should still care about whether light reconstruction will affect game performance. It can be seen from the actual measurement results that in ray tracing acceleration mode, compared to DLSS 3 with super-resolution + frame generation enabled, DLSS 3.5 and superimposed with light reconstruction, the smoothness of the picture is improved by 5.8%. If the native 4K picture quality is used as the benchmark, after applying DLSS 3.5, the picture smoothness increases to 3.46 times. Finally, let’s take a look at the most demanding ray tracing acceleration mode of “Dytronics 2077: Free Fantasy”, paired with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPU, and turning on DLSS 3.5 performance. In Full HD 1080p resolution environment, all RTX 40 series GPUs can provide picture smoothness greater than 60 fps, RTX 4070 can exceed 100 fps, and RTX 4090 can reach more than 200 fps. When the resolution is increased to WQHD 1440p, only RTX 4070 and above can meet the passing line of 60 fps, while RTX 4080 can exceed 100 fps. Coming to 4K UltraHD 2160p resolution, which has the greatest computational pressure, in DLSS ultra-resolution high-quality mode, only the RTX 4090 can cross the 60 fps passing line, and the RTX 4080 is considered to be on the edge of passing. However, if the DLSS super resolution is adjusted to the automatic quality mode, the RTX 4070 Ti and above can meet 60 fps, and the RTX 4090 can exceed 100 fps. This result is approximately 4.86 times that of the native 4K picture. Summary The light reconstruction technology introduced by NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 can indeed effectively improve the fineness of image quality, and can also slightly improve the smoothness of the image. Different from the previously introduced frame generation technology that is only exclusive to RTX 40 series GPUs, the light reconstruction technology fully supports all RTX series GPUs after RTX 20, and has very wide applicability. The only flaw is probably the naming principle. The DLSS 3 exclusive function only supports RTX 40 series GPUs, but the DLSS 3.5 exclusive function can support all current RTX GPUs. Consumers who are not familiar with the specification details may be confused. I hope NVIDIA will find a way to integrate a more precise naming method in the future. In addition to “Cyber ​​2077” and more subsequent games, DLSS 3.5 light reconstruction technology can also be applied to the Chaos Vantage real-time rendering engine to improve the productivity of professional creators.

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