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In the early afternoon of June, a pair of men and women appeared from an apartment in Tokyo.

――Are you sure?

When the journalist called out, it was a surprised expression for a moment.Maya Kobayashi(Renamed to Maya Kunimitsu = 42). The man is his ex-husband and manipulative teacher Akira Kunimitsu (38).

“I’m going out now, so it’s a little useless.”

When Mr. Kunimitsu replied, he quickly got into a taxi and ran away.

Speaking of Kobayashi these days, my brother-in-lawEbizo IchikawaStarting with the accusation to (44), the announcement of remarriage with Mr. Kunimitsu, the sudden name change, etc.

“We announced on our blog that Mr. Kunimitsu will belong to the representative office from June. We have also decided to make an actress debut in a horror movie released next year.” (Entertainment official)

It was reported that such a new office is located in a prime location in Shibuya Ward, near the private residence of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. However, when I interviewed, it was a rental office that can be used from about 10,000 yen per month.

“It is a popular rental office with a fashionable atmosphere and reasonable usage fees. You can register as an office address without using a room.” (Real estate official)

Two people who are reported to continue living together. Mr. Kunimitsu applied for his home at the condominium that this magazine witnessed going out. It is said that the room rented is about 25 square meters (about 8 tsubo).

“It’s a one-year-old condominium with auto-locking and floor heating, and the rent is about 120,000 yen. It’s a popular property, but it’s quite too small to live with two people.”

Although there is a possibility of renting other properties, Kobayashi lived in a luxury condominium over 90 square meters and rented about 300,000 yen during the freelance era. By comparison, she’s scaled down by a third.

“It has been pointed out that it may be financially difficult on the WEB etc. When resuming blogging,” I am not resuming blogging for money because my fiancée is helping my life, “he said. “I was denying it …” (TV magazine reporter)

It seems like a fairly humble restart, but even so, from the confusing appearance, we could see the “life full of love” that the two wanted.

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