Mbappé weighs down a star, he “is not able to lead”

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Mbappé weighs down a star, he “is not able to lead”

Published on March 28, 2023 at 06:30

Holder of a Master’s degree in international law, I realized at the end of my university course that it was important to evolve in a field that we appreciate. Overnight, I decided to put an end to the dream of my parents, who saw me as a future lawyer, to live from my passion: sport. Since then, I have covered mercatos and sports news, trying to inform readers as well as possible.

Before challenging the Netherlands last Friday, Didier Deschamps decided to entrust the captain’s armband to Kylian Mbappé. A decision, which would have pained Antoine Griezmann, present with the Blues since 2014. But according to journalist Thierry Bretagne, the coach made the right choice, the Atlético player not having the shoulders to take on this role.

The cold shower for Antoine Griezmann. The player of the‘Atlético hoped to recover the captain’s armband after the retirement ofHugo Lloris. More Didier Deschamps finally decided to entrust this role to Kylian Mbappé. A choice, which would have greatly irritated Griezmann. Wrongly according to Thierry Brittany. Because according to him, he does not have the shoulders to assume this role in selection.

“That would have been unfair and incongruous! »

« He is not able to lead. There is no Griezmann generation, and there is already a Mbappé generation. Power is taken! I have always heard that in the corridors of Science-Po. It’s the thing you get the least tired of, and it’s the thing, when you’ve started to touch, that you don’t let go. Griezmann is not a power man. His career path is extraordinary, at the limit perhaps more meritorious than that of Mbappé, but he would have been given the captaincy as a kind of work medal, and that would have been unfair and incongruous! » confided the journalist.

He blames the lack of leadership

Pour Brittany, Griezmann sorely lacking in authority. ” Unfair, because he doesn’t lead. Each time he was placed in real leadership problems, whether to fire Giroud against Australia in 2018, he found himself as Gros-jean in front. When he arrives in Barcelona, ​​he makes a mistake, he sends the video and the whole thing, but he has the vapors of a young girl and in the end he does not go there, and he is weighed down when he arrives at Barça “he declared at the microphone ofEurope 1.

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