Media report: Austrian raises serious allegations against Rammstein frontman Lindemann – music

2023-07-24 16:51:07

The allegations against the German band Rammstein are expanding: now an Austrian also accuses the band’s frontman, Till Lindemann, of having sexually abused her. reportsthat the incidents occurred during the “Rammstein Stadium Tour”, which has been taking place since 2019. An exact date is not given. The Austrian, who wants to remain anonymous, tells that she was invited to a “pre-party” at a concert by the band. The Rammstein singer then personally invited them to his hotel room. He pushed her face down on the bed, pushed her skirt up and beat her so hard that handprints were left on her buttocks. She verbally refused several times, says the person concerned. She assured the ORF of her information in an affidavit. The woman has not filed a complaint and does not want to do so now, according to the report.

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