Medicine: 1,345 students from health careers were able to take the residency entrance exam | Chronicle

A total of 1,345 applicants for residency programs Medicine, Nursing and Biochemistry today accessed a second instance of the electronic examination, after being found to be inconvenient in the connection in the first instance, reported the Ministry of Health.

The decision of the health portfolio occurred after having found problems in the connection to the platform during the first single, digital and ubiquitous evaluation carried out on Tuesday of last week, which led to the fact that “some applicants had not been able to complete the examination of optimally, “it was reported.

Of a total of 7,331 people qualified to take, 18.3 percent of them participated, who, having opted for the new exam, “they automatically canceled the previous one”, they indicated.

On the other hand, next Friday people who aspire to take residencies in Psychology, Social Work, Kinesiology and other disciplines will have the possibility to repeat the exam.

Like the previous ones, this morning’s test consisted of answering 100 multiple-choice questions and lasted 2.5 hours.

To access the exam, the applicants had a personalized username and password sent to their personal emails, detailed from the health portfolio.

The instance had “security measures to promote transparency and allow the detection of possible fraud situations,” said Salud.

Among the measures, “protocols that capture image and sound in real time, capable of detecting intrusive voices or audios, the presence of other people or additional elements not allowed to render, such as books, use of headphones or other consultation devices, were applied. “.

In addition, a help desk was available during the elapsed time, which “was reinforced with other communication mechanisms to overcome any technical inconvenience that might arise.”

The grades obtained by those who chose to keep the first exam as well as those who took the second, will be published on the website of the Ministry of Health with the final ranking, between September 27 and 30 according to the established schedule.


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