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The spokesperson in the Pitiusas of the Balearic Medical Union (Simebal), Carlos Rodriguez Ribas, recalled this Tuesday that, in order to achieve a series of improvements widely demanded by the island’s doctors, “the possibility of going on strike is there”, although “for the moment we are still negotiating”. “We hope to get that series of improvements. Little by little we hope to achieve it, although it has taken too long, “he reiterated.

In this sense, the spokesman highlighted that in some Spanish cities where a strike in primary care is being supported, doctors serve fewer health cards than in Ibiza: “Las Pitiusas is the place in Spain where there are the largest number of patients by doctor. The average in the Balearic Islands is around 1,800 cards and we exceed it », he pointed out. A detail that is reflected when trying to get an appointment with the family doctor, who as of yesterday were making an appointment for a week. Rodríguez wanted to acknowledge “the Management’s fight against a monster that is in Palma”, in relation to the efforts of the Pitiusas Health Area in trying to improve the situation of the medical community on the islands.

“After much pressure, we have managed to raise awareness of the need to increase the number of primary care doctors and it has increased, which will cause the number of cards to drop in health centers,” Rodríguez highlighted. The spokesman expressed his confidence that, shortly, this number of cards per physician will be reduced and will not exceed 2,000. Specifically, his goal is that over time the average does not exceed 1,400. “I think we are going to achieve that and, although we have considered going on strike on several occasions, for now we are reserving it to see how things evolve,” he reiterated.

Also the president of Simebal in the Balearic Islands, Miguel Lázaro, warned this Monday that there are several communities with a called doctors’ strike. In the Balearic Islands, “these measures have not yet been considered, but we have the same problems.” At the moment “we are negotiating”, although in Primary “there is a latent conflict that can erupt at any moment,” Lázaro warned.

From the Pitiusas, Carlos Rodríguez also recalled that, mainly, his claims are focused on six proposals. Among them, that primary care physicians have daily schedules that do not exceed 25 patients; a schedule restructuring or the centralization of emergencies.
He also highlighted the union’s request to increase the budget for primary care by 25%. “We continue to ask for an increase in the number of doctors and that it be linked to loyalty, with improvements and attractions for these professionals,” he added.

It should be remembered that this Monday, from the Medical Union they considered that the health model “is exhausted” and to redefine it “resources are necessary.” As the Health portfolio is transferred, it is in the hands of each community to manage the pressing lack of doctors. “In the Balearic Islands there is not such a degree of indignation as in Madrid, but 423 doctors had never written a letter of complaint in which the primary care situation was harshly criticized,” warned Dr. Lázaro. The letter requested a reorganization of the agendas to give quality to the visits and at this time, “the situation is frozen,” he also pointed out.

Lázaro also referred to a contained indignation on the part of the collective and “a burn out (burning) impressive that only lacks the match ».

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