Medicines are dangerously left within the reach of children

Canadian families have a long way to go in raising awareness about the safe storage, management and disposal of medications, a recent survey by the Association for the Recovery of Health Products (ARPS) found.

According to this ARPS survey in partnership with Youth Without Drugs (JSD) Canada conducted by Angus-Reid in July 2022, 56% of parents do not consider the safe disposal of unused or expired medication to be an essential issue.

It was also pointed out that 48% of parents have never talked to their children about how to safely dispose of unused medication – this figure jumps to almost 58% among parents of children aged 11 to 12.

« The results reinforce the importance of raising awareness among parents and various stakeholders of the need to adopt safe measures in the management and disposal of medications and thus set an example for their children from an early age.“, noted Terri Drover, director general of the ARPS.

« We are proud to partner with JSD Canada in this way to reinforce our commitment to fostering more conversations about the importance of drug return programs to protect our communities and the environment.“, she added.

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