Meet the Fubon Heroes: A Close Look at the Foreign Players Signing with Fubon for the New Season

2024-03-27 10:07:59

Today is the fifth article of the special topic “Competition of foreign generals” in secondary vocational schools. Following Weiquan, Lotte, Uni-President, and Brothers, we will introduce the Fubon heroes who were at the bottom last year and have missed the championship for seven consecutive years according to the ranking.

To be honest, although Fubon had a poor record last year, their foreign players were actually not bad. They used all foreign players and contributed 23 wins and 24 losses with an ERA of 3.05, ranking third among the five teams overall. The pressing power is higher than the league average.

In addition to backup Fulango, who wrote a 0.95 ERA in a single season, Kent, who started, also played more than 150 games and contributed steadily throughout the season. Ryan, who was hired at the end of the season, actually has an ace attitude. Unfortunately, he left the stage early due to injury.

However, this year the Fubon coaching staff has been reorganized, and the configuration of foreign investors has also taken on a new look. Only Fulango will remain, and the other foreign players will all thank you. Currently, a total of five foreign investors have been confirmed to sign, including Fulango, Brandon, and Luo Ge, Geweishi and Doboge are named mainly around the two words “Ge” and “Blue”. It seems that they hope that everyone can be as brave as Fulango.

Next, I will introduce the five foreign investors signed by Fubon in order, evaluate their respective strengths, and finally give an overall evaluation. First, let’s start with our old friend, Fulange.

At the end of the first half of the 2020 season, in order to fill the vacancy left by Ai Sikai’s departure, Fubon recruited Fulango to join the team. When I first looked at his qualifications, I honestly didn’t expect that he could stay in Taiwan for so long. Now he is about to enter his third season. Three years.

Although Fulango has been in the major leagues, he only played in five games, which was just a little bit of success. Later, he went to the Korean professional team to develop, and his results with the Lotte Giants were mediocre. He had a good ability to eat up innings, but his single-season ERA+ Only 84.2, which is not up to the league average, with an average of 4.5 walks per nine innings. Unstable ball control is what everyone is most worried about.

In addition, Fulango’s performance in the Mexican League is also quite ugly. It is difficult to win even one game in six starts. His ERA is as high as 9.85. His batting rate is quite astonishing. On average, he will be beaten 2.9 times every nine innings. This is It’s really hard to expect anything from him.

After actually coming to Taiwan, Fulango was not placed in the starting role as I expected. He only started one game in Yijun, and retired after 3.2 innings with 69 balls. After that, Fubon gave up this idea. , focusing on letting Fulango back up, and also achieved quite good results.

In the past two years, Fulango has played in a total of 91 games as a reliever, with 6 wins and 6 losses, 28 successful relays and 14 successful rescues. His defense rate is 1.66 and his batting average is 0.186, both of which are extremely high. He is very powerful. A backup foreigner, he and Zeng Junyue jointly guarded the eighth and ninth rounds. As long as Fubon had the lead, it was reassuring to see them play.

Fulango’s most powerful ball type is his “flaming ball.” When he started in the Korean professional pitching in the past, his average speed of the ball was as high as 149.4 kilometers, which was the fastest in the KBO. He also hit 160 kilometers. Kilometers, the batting average of straight balls is only 0.235, which is the lowest among all types of balls.

After joining the secondary, Fulango switched from starter to reliever, and he can accelerate the ball at full speed. Last year, the average speed of the ball was 154 kilometers, the usage rate was more than 60%, and the batting average was only 0.157. Even if the batter knew that he was going to throw the ball, You will still miss the mark and play poorly.

Before Fulango, the fastest man officially certified by the secondary vocational school was the former Italian Rhino foreign player Qiangke, who set a record of 160 kilometers in 2013. This record has now been surpassed by 2022 Fulango, which has surpassed 161 kilometers. He even recorded 49.2 games without an error last year, shattering the myth of “Caesar”. He is definitely qualified to be certified as a “legendary” backup player in the secondary field.

Last season, there were constant rumors that Fulango had been locked by the Korean and Japanese professional teams, and it was very likely to transfer to a team this year. However, in the end, with Fubon’s active contact, the two sides reached a consensus very early on and continued to play the Titans. Because of him and Zeng Junyue’s continued stay on the team, Fubon’s bullpen strength in the new season is still stable and there is no need to worry.

Next, we will introduce the second player. He is a new friend to Fubon, but he is also an old friend to the fans of China Vocational School. He was originally called “Kevis” and will be renamed Goves in the future.

Galvais, like Fulango, is a foreign investor who has played in the major leagues and had professional experience in Korea before coming to Taiwan. Galvais went to South Korea to join the Hanwha Eagles in 2018, and he joined the KBO in the same year as Wang Weizhong. Seek life.

He was considered the Eagles’ top ace that year. He logged 161.2 innings in 29 starts throughout the season and collected 13 wins. He ranked first on the team in both indicators and had 195 more strikeouts, more than any other player. KBO, the foreign investment player Sosa Kuadu, who is also quite familiar to everyone, won the strikeout king with a K/9 value of 10.9.

After becoming a professional player in Korea, Galvez originally planned to return to the United States to develop and play in the major leagues again. Unexpectedly, he was injured and moved TJ. At this time, the epidemic broke out again. Galvais turned to the Atlantic Independent League and signed a contract with the Atlantic Independent League. Joined the Unified Lions in the 2022 season and came to Taiwan for the first time to develop.

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