Meghan and Harry: Dutrizac has a lot to say about “these two tabar***”

Benoît Dutrizac has great difficulty keeping calm when it comes to Meghan and Harry. We cannot say that his opinion on the royal couple is difficult to define, as noted by Sophie Durocher during her column on QUB radio.

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“I watched for five minutes. Spoiled children, brawlers … ”, estimates Dutrizac.

The host was forced to deal with the swearing and vomiting noises as she attempted to give her take on the series of ‘Megflix’, as some have renamed it.

What especially horrifies the two star hosts is the fact that Meghan and Harry have shouted loud and clear that their privacy has been stolen by the paparazzi, but that in the same breath, the two spread it out in the public square in a television series.

“I don’t know how they manage not to throw themselves off a bridge”, quipped Benoît Dutrizac.

Despite everything, Sophie Durocher’s column brings a different perspective to a social phenomenon.

“I don’t understand why young girls from all over the world dream of being part of this family,” she wondered.

A clear-cut opinion, that’s for sure. What is less so, however, is if the studio carpet came out unscathed…

Listen to the Durocher-Dutrizac meeting broadcast live every day at 12:45 p.m. via QUB radio.

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