Melting ice in Greenland: the equivalent of 7.2 million Olympic swimming pools in three days

Global warming is having significant consequences in Greenland and melting ice is worrying scientists, according to CNN reports.

Several days of unusually warm weather in northern Greenland triggered rapid melting, which was made visible after water flowing through rivers melted before heading into the ocean.

Temperatures hover around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year, scientists told the USA Network.

The amount of ice that melted in Greenland between July 15 and July 17 — six billion tons of water a day — would be enough to fill 7.2 million Olympic swimming pools, according to data from the US National Snow and Ice Data. Center”.

That would be enough to completely cover a state like West Virginia with a foot of water.

“Last week’s melting is not normal, compared to the averages of the past 30 or 40 years,” said University of Colorado lead researcher Ted Scambos. The amount of cast iron is a peak that had never been equaled for this sector.”

The situation is alarming, according to several scientists.

“It really worries me, underlined a researcher from the University of Texas currently stationed in Greenland, Kutalmis Saylam. On Tuesday, we could walk around wearing only a sweater outside. It’s not something we had planned.”

Scientists fear the record melt of 2019 could be repeated. A total of 532 billion tons of ice poured into the sea.

This had resulted in the world’s sea level being permanently raised by 1.5 millimetres.

If all of Greenland melted, it would raise sea levels by 7.5 meters worldwide.

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