She was like a winning horse… Muhammad Mukhtar surprised the announcer with a bold response after she asked him: Rania Youssef and Nadia Al-Jundi got married, who do you prefer?!!

Producer Muhammad Mukhtar said during his stay as a guest on the program “Bilkhat Al-Arid” that he did not feel a difference when he married the artist Nadia Al-Jundi, who is older than him, and the artist Rania Youssef, who is years younger than him, noting that the two have a youthful spirit.

Muhammad Mukhtar added that he did not feel any difference between the two, because they are distinguished by the youthful spirit and practice of sports.

Producer Muhammad Mukhtar described the artist, Nadia Al-Jundi, as the winning horse, and that she was distinguished in their joint artwork, indicating that he did not mind her cooperation with other producers.

Mukhtar added that there is one role that succeeded Nadia Al-Jundi, far from him, and that is the movie “The Maid,” adding, “We were separating the role for Nadia Al-Jundi.”

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Mukhtar is the first husband of Rania Youssef, who divorced him after having two children from him, and then married twice and also divorced, while the producer Muhammad Mukhtar was the second husband of the star Nadia Al-Jundi, and despite their separation for many years, but he is still her close friend.

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