Menna Shalaby takes off the dress of shame and confesses to the most powerful hot scene for her and at the time she could not control her instinct and continued her fun until the end!! (fireworks details)

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Despite the passage of 19 years since the presentation of the movie The Magician, it is still one of the distinguishing signs in cinema, and in it was the first appearance of the brilliant artist Menna Shalaby and her most daring roles at all.

The young artist, Menna Shalaby, revealed the situation that afflicted her mother after knowing the hot scene she presented in the movie The Magician, where her instinct collapsed in front of her lover’s kisses and she could not control herself, within the events of the famous film by the late director Radwan Al-Kashef.

Menna Shalaby said in a previous interview with her about the movie The Magician: “Mama was slapped” when I learned that my colleague Sari Al-Najjar kissed me in one of the scenes of the movie The Magician, and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz reassured her that they were acting kisses and that they were on the cheeks until she watched the movie, and she saw these scenes and slapped her cheeks My argument was lost, and of course I was young and it was a very difficult day in my life.”

Menna’s lover in the movie. You may not remember his name, but you certainly remember his role through the character of Hamouda, who loved Menna Shalaby. Sari Al-Najjar began his relationship with cinema through his discoverer, the late director Osama Fawzy in the movie Paradise of the Devils in 1999, through the character of Adel with the artist Mahmoud Hamida and Lebleba.

Osama Fawzy had seen him on one of the theaters and he was presenting a theatrical performance, and he asked for a casting work for “Paradise of Devils,” and chose him from among a thousand candidates nominated at the time because the casting was an advertisement published in a newspaper.

Sari Al-Najjar said that Paradise of the Devils was his first experience, and Osama Fawzy helped him a lot because he could not read Arabic, and most of the shows he presented at the American University, so he worked with him on the character he played in the film. He was with him Amr Waked, Salah Fahmy and Caroline Khalil, and rehearsals began in his office in downtown. .

He also considers that Mahmoud Hemida is the spiritual father and the first artist to stand before him in cinema and in a film of his production, where he is excited about him.

After a few films, Paradise of Devils, The City, The Magician, Autumn of Adam and Dale Al Samaka, he disappeared for many years and then appeared in a Jordanian series, Mokhawi Al Deeb.

But he did not repeat the experience, and Sri Al-Najjar currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with his family, away from the cinema and the lights.

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