“Mental Health Advocate Jose Cruz Spreads Love and Encouragement on Brooklyn Bridge and Beyond”

2023-05-29 19:26:00

“I’m just a Dominican boy who was born and raised in Brooklyn with a purpose,” are the words of Jose Cruz, a young man whose work has grabbed headlines in several American media. And it is that Cruz remains standing and holding up a sign in a public place so that any of the pedestrians who need a word of encouragement can read it and know that it is special.

“If you are reading this, I want you to know that your life matters. You are important. You are the only ‘you’ in this world and no one can replace you.”is one of the messages from the arsenal that Cruz shares in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, a place He has been going once a week for a year.

The young man, who defines himself as “a mental health advocate” assures that, despite the fatigue in his feet and arms, what he does is to help others and to be able to speak openly about a subject that for many is taboo.

“My dream is to make the world a better place, that’s why I do what I do”the podcast host and motivational speaker wrote in his Instagram profile (@_therealmozo) along with a Brooklyn News 12 media piece covering his story.

Tourists, local pedestrians and those going to or coming from work stop and approach Cruz: they take photos with him, greet him, hug him and thank him for his work, but for him the most important thing is to help others.

News 12 notes that Cruz’s reason for choosing the Brooklyn Bridge to display his billboards is so that those fighting mental health know that he is the person to turn to in a time of crisis.

“I want them to come here and also see that we have love here in Brooklyn, there’s love here in New York City. I feel like doing this brings people together, it creates a community, I’ve created a community with a lot of people, here too.”Cruz told the outlet at the beginning of May, the month in which awareness about the mental health.

to other cities

Apart from going to the Brooklyn Bridge, the young man has also traveled to Charlotte, Philadelphia and Miami and plans to visit other cities to carry his message, which he also spreads through Instagram where he shares photos, videos and other types of content.

“We are most alive when we move with love and right now I feel so alive”continues the young man in the Instagram post, which he has pinned.

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