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by archyde

Latin is the best education in the world.Han Dong-il, who became the first Rota Romana (Vatican Court) lawyer in East Asia, is drawing attention for his “Latin class”.A world bestseller by Mr.“Latin Classes as Education: The Origin of Liberal Arts Learned from Ancient Rome”(Written by Han Dong-il, translated by Ryoji Motomura, translated by Nobuko Okazaki)teeth,It reveals the roots of history, philosophy, religion, culture, art, and economics through the ancient language of Latin.It has become a long-selling book in South Korea with over 100 copies, and has been praised by many as saying, “It broadened my view of the world” and “deepened my thinking.” In this paper, a part of the content from this book is specially disclosed.

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Surprising benefits of procrastination

I always tell my students to put off until tomorrow what they can do today.

“Put off what you can do today until the next day.” But think about it, everyone. What do you want to put off until tomorrow?

I have no hesitation in answering: “I put off feelings of hopelessness and urge to give up until tomorrow.”

Human beings can live only if they take in nutrients every day. neither deficient nor excessive. In the same way, I believe there is a daily limit to the emotions we must experience and accept.

Emotions that exceed the limit of the amount that can be taken in one day can only be carried over to the next day. Among these emotions, I hate despair and resignation the most. This will vary from person to person.

In the New Testament Gospel of Matthew, chapter 6 verse 34, we find these words:

Do not therefore be anxious about the morrow, for the morrow will be anxious for itself;
(Don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow you will worry about tomorrow. That day’s troubles are enough.)

Matthew understood that if we can live a life of faith, we can be free from tomorrow’s worries and live today with confidence. In other words, he believed that if you accept life as a gift from God, you will not worry about tomorrow. Of course, this is only a biblical interpretation.

I think this sentence describes the amount of pain a human being can endure in one day. If one day exceeds the tolerance of emotions that can be tolerated, one should carry them over to the next day without getting frustrated.

Of course, this is easier said than done. If anyone gets into trouble with something, they can’t get it out of their minds all day long and can’t sleep at night.

But what if you throw all your negative emotions into the next day? How much easier would it be if you could put off your anger or anger at someone you really want to let go of right now until the next day?

When you’re having a hard time, let go of your despair, your desire to give up, and your anger to tomorrow.

(This manuscript was written by Han Dong-il“Latin Classes as Education: The Origin of Liberal Arts Learned from Ancient Rome”edited and excerpted from

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