Mercato – Mercato: OL and OM face off against Manchester City

The Isaak Touré file has become complicated for OL and OM, who see Manchester City welcome the young central defender and offer him a specific career plan. But nothing is lost.

OL and OM know this very well, it’s at the start of the transfer market that the best deals can be made. As the season has just ended, the two “Olympics” are looking to bring in Isaak Touré. A major French training club, Le Havre is preparing to part ways with its powerful central defender. The latter is 19 years old, and still has a year of contract, but in Normandy, his departure is already acquired. However, now is a good time to raise the stakes. Already, with OL and OM on the spot, Le Havre has plenty to do, but in addition, the German clubs of Frankfurt and Wolfsburg are in the running. For his part, Isaak Touré flew to England this week. A new candidate has emerged, with abilities and a plan capable of defeating all competitors.

Manchester City then Troyes, or Lyon or Marseille?

It is indeed Manchester City, who invited the French international U19 to visit their facilities, and also offered him a smooth start to their career under their colors. L’Equipe affirms that the formation of Pep Guardiola intends to recruit him to loan him to one of its satellite clubs, namely Troyes. A way to continue his apprenticeship in Ligue 1 without experiencing too big a change in his young career. For its part, Manchester City would have no trouble letting go of the 5 million euros that the HAC is asking for to complete this transfer. A prospect which has something to appeal to the young Touré, even if nothing is yet finalized in this file, where OL and OM hope that the possibility of playing for the first ranks in France before possibly going abroad will seduce the central defender considered very promising.

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