Mercedes F1 Representative “It’s not fun for us, but F1 has achieved its goal”[F1-Gate .com]

Toto Wolff, team head of Mercedes F1, admits that F1 has clearly achieved its intended goals in the 2022 regulation, but it’s not a very enjoyable change for his team.

The first two races of the new era of F1 created two great battles for the victory of the race. Also, after the 2021 season, the overall field spread seemed to have expanded somewhat, but there was still some exciting action overall.

However, Mercedes, who has won the Constructors’ Tampionship for eight consecutive years as an active champion team, has fallen from the top to the midfield. Toto Wolg says the change isn’t that much fun for the team, but he’s still pleased that the regulation is working as intended.

“I think they’ve achieved what they want to achieve,” Toto Wolff said of the new regulations and their effects.

“We’ve seen spectacular races, good overtaking, and a revamped grid! Well, this isn’t that interesting to us, but it has happened.”

“Midfield is so competitive that overall, from an entertainment element, I’m happy with the exciting promotion around F1.”

“I think they’ve achieved their goal. I can only praise how it was achieved.”

With major changes in aerodynamic regulation towards 2022, the effects of DRS (Drag Reduction System) are stronger than ever. As a result, there is an unusual tactic of slowing down at the front detection point to overtake rivals so that straight DRS can be secured between drivers.

At the F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc braked simultaneously in the final corner to secure DRS in the next zone.

The so-called “cat and mouse” DRS game may be a new aspect of F1 under the new rules, but Toto Wolff said he didn’t oppose it as a side effect.

Asked for an opinion on the situation at DRS, Toto Wolff commented, “I personally like it.”

“I think we got the car we wanted in F1. Overtaking and DRS are powerful, but now we have a great show. I think it was fun to watch!”

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