Mess fire in Perpignan: 8 families relocated this Sunday evening

Devastated by the flames in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the emblematic building in the heart of the city of Perpignan threatens to collapse. 8 families living in the building opposite rue Fabriques d’en Nabot were evacuated as a precaution this Sunday, August 28 at the end of the day.

The decision was taken after a meeting between law enforcement, firefighters and town hall this Sunday evening in Perpignan. Eight families living near the Mess, in a building located just opposite, on the narrow rue Fabriques d’en Nabot, are relocated. The building always burns from the inside. Smoke continues to escape from the roof. One of the residents also called out to the firefighters from her balcony at the end of the afternoon. “I am very worried with all these fumes. We can still see sparks inside. But, I want to thank you. Without you”… She won’t say another word. The danger is still there.

Devastated inside, the Mess and Amorino building is weakened. Thick cracks appear on the facade. Three capitals under the roof threaten to fall. Firefighters always intervene very gradually inside where floors, ceilings and beams gave way under the flames. A control and vigilance system is maintained throughout the night.

The security perimeter is maintained around the Mess. The municipality is organizing a meeting this Monday, August 29 at 10 a.m. with the businesses impacted by this security perimeter, namely the Ducommun jewelry store, the Mistinguett, Chez Henri and the Divil.
Rue Louis Blanc is closed to traffic, except for deliveries. The Sadi-Carnot quay is reopened to traffic.

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