Messenger Kids gets dark mode

Meta has announced that its Messenger Kids app will provide three new trial versions of products for children and their families before the end of the year. The app is more eye-friendly in dark mode. In addition, sound effects have been added to the voice message, as well as the ability to start playing from within a chain chat.

Messenger Kids gets dark mode

Dark mode was one of the most anticipated features of Messenger when it was launched in early 2019.

The company said that we are happy to introduce the dark mode to Messenger Kids on iOS mobile devices (Android to be released later).

Dark mode reduces the phone’s light, which is useful in low-light situations and provides lower brightness while maintaining contrast and vibrancy.

Kids can turn on the dark mode by tapping on the app settings and selecting “dark mode.”

With voice messages becoming increasingly popular, in the next few weeks, kids using iOS mobile apps will have the opportunity to add sound effects to voice messages before sending them (Android will launch later).

Users can tap the “Voice” microphone icon, press and hold to record your message, and then choose from five different options to change your voice to that of a robot, ghost, gorilla or mouse.

After recording an audio message, five options will appear that allow you to edit it before sending it.

Messenger Kids can play games directly from chats

In addition to these two new features, the app is also tweaking its gaming features, allowing kids to use the orange console icon in the lower right corner to start a combined two-person game from the chat.

Some, like Grow Your Pet, are designed for the player, but there are many two-player games like Chess, Tic Tac Toe, and Daily Doodle.

To make it easier, the app allows kids to start a two-person game from a conversation on a mobile device.

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