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After the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar, which was won by Argentina, the passion for the ‘albiceleste’ was felt throughout South America, even more so after the statements by Mbappé, who assured that the South American teams do not “have the same level of competition than the Europeans”.

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But, without a doubt, one of the greatest joys for many football fans is that Lionel Messi will finally win a World Cup, after being in five competitions. So much so that many paid homage to the Argentine player in multiple ways, including tattoos.

This is the case of the Colombian ‘influencer’ Mike Jambs, who tattooed ‘Messi’ on his forehead, on one cheek the word God and, on the other, some stars.

Despite the fact that at first he said he was very “happy with the result of the challenge” and assured that he did not care about the opinions of his critics, he recently published a new video in which he stated that he was sorry.

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I didn’t think to say this so soon because, to be honest, I felt very proud in the first days of what I had done, of what I had achieved. But I must confess that I am sorry”, he expressed in a clip posted on TikTok.

And he added: “I’m sorry I got the tattooI am sorry because instead of bringing me positive things, thousands of negative things have come, both personally and in the family, they simply say that I am not a good example for society.

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He stressed that he has been tried and the object of ridicule and even threatsafter his video went viral worldwide, because he even participated in an Argentine television program.

“I was happy the first few days… but I want to erase the tattoo, I don’t know what one of those procedures is like, I don’t know where they do these procedures, I don’t know how that is, but I am sure of something today and I want to erase it because my life changed negatively in all aspects. I want to be normal again, I want people not to look at me badly when I go out on the street, not to criticize me, not to be scared and not to say that I am something negative“, he claimed.

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Although some Internet users showed their support for Mike Jambs, others say that everything was, from the beginning, a marketing strategy to go viral and gain more followers. What do you think?


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