“MetaMask Wallet Security: Experts Reveal How Ethers Worth Over $10 Million Were Stolen”

2023-04-19 06:01:22

According to a MetaMask developer known as Tay, more than 5,000 ethers have been stolen from various MetaMask wallets since December 2022. This is already a sad enough fact, but if we also add that, according to Tay, the attackers stole ether from the wallets of real crypto veterans, it makes the news even more interesting. Basically, we are talking about an amount greater than 10 million dollars.

The MetaMask hacker probably used a simple method

Hackers specifically targeted crypto veterans who, in principle, took appropriate precautions. Tay on his Twitter account reported about the attacks, but did not reveal much about how the frauds were carried out. He speculated that the hacker may have accessed a data cache on his victims’ machines. But of course this is just speculation. In any case, if someone has not deleted the cache on their computer for years, then it is quite possible that for someone it has become a hen that lays golden eggs and they could easily find the keys in it. But one thing is certain: the attacker targeted wallets that were created between 2014 and 2022.

According to the developer of MetaMask, the hacker made another theft in the hours after the first attack to collect the devices that he didn’t at first. He carried out the attacks by exchanging the assets in the victims’ wallets for ether and then for bitcoins through a centralized swapper. A week later, the bitcoin is also washed through a mixer to make it harder to trace the coins. So the best thing a MetaMask user can do is to split their cryptos.


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