metamorphosed, shows new photos “bodybuilder” is rewarded for her efforts

Angélique makes herself known to the general public in publishing The Chiefs’ War of Koh-Lanta. Since last year and its passage in the adventure, it is therefore followed by thousands of fans. And no one will have been able to miss the passion of the young woman: bodybuilding (or bodybuilding). Angélique recently participated in the competition for the Coupe de France in its category. The young woman narrowly missed getting on the podium. But she still shares her pride and the lessons learned from her experience, on Instagram.

Angélique impresses the Web with a stunning “before and after” publication

Angelique works hard to sculpt her body with intensive sports sessions. The objective is precisely to try to win the Coupe de France in the bodybuilding competition. Passionate about fitness, she puts all the chances on his side to achieve his goal. But the first place escapes him. Indeed, Angélique will finish fifth in the competition. It is first of all a regret and then finally already a great victory that she recognizes herself. Because his work has still allowed him to aim for the moon to land in the stars. And also to receive the wise advice of the judges of the competition. Angelique now knows what she needs to work harder and modify in order to succeed next year in really landing on the moon.

On his Instagram account and on the one of his company Body Training, the former candidate of Koh-Lanta shares the result of his competition. His fans and clients can therefore see the impact of his work. Demanding and determined, she achieved impressive results in record time.

An impressive image that proves his commitment and passion for bodybuilding and fitness

As proof, Angélique indeed shares a “before and after” in a publication and the transformation can only jump out at us. In addition, she will write down the dates when these photos were taken and take everyone’s breath away.

Angélique goes from the body of a young slim and sporty lambda woman to that of a sculpted woman for competitions. And according to the dates indicated on its publication, it only took five months for the former adventurer of Koh-Lanta to achieve this feat. An impressive image which does not fail to make the fans of the young woman react. Her subscribers who have a heart for competition then remind her of the judges’ advice and congratulate her on her performance. They do not forget to encourage him not to give up for the next competitions. Angélique will not give up and will continue training. Her goal is to get on the podium and win the Coupe de France and she will do everything possible to achieve it. The young woman knows that she should not minimize her progress despite her fifth place in the competition.

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