Meteorology: The temperature will drop tomorrow, up to 6 degrees, and the lowest in the capital is 19 degrees

The Meteorological Authority revealed that the the weather Tomorrow, temperatures will drop with values ​​ranging from 5: 6 degrees on the northwestern coasts, with moderate weather prevailing during the day, tending to cold at night.

Tomorrow will also witness wind activity in areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts and South Sinai, which will raise sand and dust in northern Upper Egypt at intermittent periods.

The following are the expected temperatures for tomorrow, Friday, May 20:

Cairo and Lower Egypt: Greater 32 degrees, Minor 19 degrees

The northern coasts, the greatest 24 degrees, the lowest 17 degrees

South Sinai, the Great 36 degrees, the lowest 22 degrees

North of Upper Egypt, the Great 35 degrees, the lowest 19 degrees

Southern Upper Egypt, the highest is 41 degrees, the lowest is 25 degrees

Today, Thursday, there is hot weather during the day on Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the western coasts and South Sinai, hot on the eastern coasts, very hot on southern Upper Egypt, nice at night on Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and northern Upper Egypt, cold on the northern coasts, moderate on southern Sinai. and south of the country

And the Meteorological Authority stated, that today there will be wind activity in all parts of the Republic

As for the temperatures, today, Thursday: Great Cairo 33 degrees and the smallest 22 degrees, the great Alexandria 30 and the small 19 degrees, the great Matrouh 30 degrees and the low 19 degrees, the great Sohag 38 degrees and the low 23 degrees, the great Qena 39 degrees and the low 23 degrees, and the great Aswan 41 degrees The minimum is 25 degrees.

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