Mexicans buy products from Oaxaca

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Guadalupe de la Cruz

Inhabitants of the Triqui region, of the State of Oaxaca sporadically come to the Mexican entity to market their products such as “moles, mezcal, sweets and textiles”, which are to the taste of the Mexicans.

Victoria Monares, originally from the community of San Juan Copala, in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca, is dedicated to making garments that she makes using the waist loom, creating blouses, skirts or the famous huipil.

“The trade is familiar, because our grandparents and parents inherited our taste for creating typical garments from the State of Oaxaca, but above all this profession continues to feed us,” he said.

The prices, he said, vary depending on the garment: an embroidered or frayed blouse costs between 350 to 500 pesos, while a huipil costs 15 to 18 thousand pesos, “this cost is higher because of the time it takes to person to do it.”

“The elaboration of a huipil has a process of between three and four months, due to the complexity of the garment, since everything is done through the waist loom and stable of different colors, mostly red. They are used for religious ceremonies, either XV years or weddings, ”he mentioned.

Victoria finally said that other products they sell are mole, sweets, as well as mezcal and hair accessories, which are well received by Mexicans, who pay the fair price without haggling.

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