Micaela Espinoza and Darío Gigena were sentenced to life imprisonment

2023-09-13 11:56:54

The 2nd Chamber of Crime of Fourth quarterin a trial by popular juries, sentenced Darío Rubén Gigena and Micaela Beatriz Espinoza to life imprisonment for the crime of the newsstand owner Luis Eduardo “Pancho” Díaz, which occurred on November 10, 2021 in his home in Río Grande at 600.

The ruling was reportedly unanimous. Gigena and Espinoza were convicted as material co-authors and criminally responsible for the crimes of qualified homicide. the cause of the crime and robbery qualified by the use of weapons, all in real competition.

The ruling coincided with the request made by prosecutor María del Rosario Fernández López and the Díaz family’s lawyer, José Abrile.

Condemns Kevin Chalon

At the trial, Kevin Chalon was also found responsible as a secondary participant. In this context, he was sentenced to six years in prison.

The jurors imposed on the three convicted persons for the duration of the sentence the obligation to carry out psychological treatment attentive to the nature of the attributed crimes, which must be provided by the penitentiary establishment in their charge, accounting for their beginning and evolution at the time. Criminal Execution Court.

A crime that shocked Río Cuarto

“Pancho” Díaz was the brother of neighborhood resident Teresa Díaz, a well-known person in the alternate capital.

He had been living in the San José de Calasanz neighborhood for almost two decades when he was murdered with an iron bar in his room.

Díaz suffered severe head and facial trauma, among other blows to his body, which caused his immediate death.

Fourth quarter. Prosecutor Moine at the crime scene, in 2021 (Tomy Fragueiro/File).

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