Microsoft Build: AI on all floors?

2023-05-25 20:30:00

Episode 403 with Sébastien S. and Benoît.

Summary :

• F for Firefly (00:01:41) :
Photoshop integrates generative AI. Firefly in the beta version available now. (source, source)

• I comme IA (00:09:42) :
When AI can sign the end of our civilization. The author of Sapiens reflects on the consequences of AI on civilization. (source, source)

• I for Intel (00:15:56) :
A simplified architecture. Ends 16-bit compatibility in the x86 architecture. (source, source)

• M like Meta (00:22:19) :
When the EU fines Meta. The Irish CNIL imposes a fine of 1.3 billion USD on Meta. (source, source, source)

• M like Meta (00:30:54) :
Meta inspired by Mastodon. And launches a new social network direct competitor of Twitter. (source, source)

• M for Microsoft (00:37:10) :
When Microsoft adds AI to all floors. Microsoft announces AI in all of its products and services. (source, source, source)

• P for Filmstrip (00:44:36) :
Pentax Film Project. Pentax relies on its experience to relaunch the production of a film camera. (source, source)

• S for Spacetop (00:51:29) :
When the screen disappears. The first laptop whose screen is a pair of augmented reality glasses. (source, source, source)

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