Microsoft is renaming its Android Your Phone extension to Phone Link

Microsoft is renaming its Your Phone processor to PhoneLink and updating it with a design change for Windows 11. Your phone was launched three years ago as an important way to connect your Android phone to Windows and avoid having to pick up your device to check calls or notifications. Phone connection is of course the best description of the app, and it is Updated now To match Windows 11 design changes.

The phone link now puts the notification panel on top, and the notifications tab is pinned to the left panel. Microsoft has moved the News, Photos, Apps, and Calls sections to the navigation bar above the phone link. The notification section has also been cleaned up to make it easier to display important announcements.

New phone dialing interface in Windows 11.
Image: Microsoft

The updated Phone Link app has a Windows 11 compatible color palette and design with updated controls, layouts, and icons. The Phone Companion app for Android is also being renamed Link to Windows, and the two apps will share the same icon.

In addition to the design changes, Microsoft has partnered with Honor to provide dial-up connectivity in China. The phone’s connectivity now supports Honor Magic V, Magic 4 Series, and Magic 3 Series devices. Other than that, the best phone calling features are still mostly limited to Samsung phones and Microsoft Surface Duo devices.

Latest phone call update Available todayAnd with the next Windows 11 update, you can also enable phone calling by scanning a QR code during setup.

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