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Mike Supancic and Mintha in the battery

by archyde

STEYR. Concert follows cabaret in the cultural center: After the viewers check in at the “Grand Hotel Supancic” on Friday, October 7th, the Steyr singer-songwriter Mintha is all about arriving on Saturday, October 8th.

Humor-capacitor Supancic kidnaps his willing guests to what is probably the most unknown top-class hotel in the world. The unique crew of this multi-star temple unpacks their most secret memories and stories about Alpha and Omega celebrities, people on the verge of nervous breakdowns and Sergeant Basti’s Lonely Handybussi band. The Grand Hotel Supancic is not the first time Bob Dylan has become a con artist, the nicest of all gangsta rappers lodged and the most credible conspiracy theories since Hillary Clinton’s Children’s Island …

CD presentation

With the Steyr musician Mintha aka Martina Kremsmayr, the journey is a completely different one. With her it’s poetic pop in spheres of lightness, freshness, freedom. “I’m looking and still don’t know what to do with it,” the artist sings in the song “Irgendwohin”. A severe stroke of fate in 2014 tore the rug from under her feet. She started questioning life. It was the beginning of a long journey to herself. With the album “Ankommen” the 28-year-old musician is now going her own way.

Mintha has been writing her songs with Josua Palmanshofer since 2018 and has been with the oö since spring 2019. Label DIEgital Records. At the release concert in the Steyrer Akku, which takes place the day after the official release date, the Viennese singer-songwriter Syannah will be there as support.

Cabaret and concert start at 8 p.m. Tickets: Tel. 0664 73115620

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