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The Bunshun Online is a well-known Japanese portal dedicated to show business, and which has endangered the careers of countless Japanese artists, since it captures them either leaving hotels or with couples. This medium is infamous for detecting even the slightest misbehavior from an artist. (by Japanese standards) and has even revealed marriages that had been kept secret for decades, and nearly ruined the careers of artists caught cheating.

This time it was the turn of Miku Itouthe popular voice actress recognized for her participation as Miku Nakanothe undeniable (although it may not seem like it to many) most popular quintuplet of Gotoubun no Hanayome (The Quintessential Quintuplets). Bunshun Online reported that Itou was caught living with a man.

The full report wrote:

  • Around 10:00 p.m. on November 12, the popular voice actress and idol Miko Itou (26 years old) finished working on a live event in Saitama and returned hometo his luxurious Tokyo flat, in his office courtesy car. About two hours later, just before midnight, a young man appeared at her door. He had matted black hair, a straight nose, and a tall face that suited him well in a coat. The man walked directly into Itou’s room as if he was already used to it.
  • Miku Itou is highly regarded not only by fans, but also by her business partners. Her work has not stopped increasing and her profile continues to rise among fans of voice acting. With such a job on his back, rumors of a passionate love affair began to circulate.
  • I understand that Miku Itou already lives with someone. Her partner is Chihiro Okutani (奥谷 知弘), 27, a member of Candy Boy, a young actor group belonging to TV Asahi Music. We regularly organize musical performances set in cafes, which attract a lot of attention, especially from women in their 20s and 30s“, commented a source.
  • The man who entered Miku Itou’s house on November 12 was Okutani himself. He reappeared the next morning, November 13, at 9:30 a.m., leaving the flat wearing casual clothes, a change from the smart outfit he had entered the night before. She took her usual steps to the nearest station and went to work. This was not the only day that Okutani could be seen. The interview team confirmed that Itou and Okutani frequently left the same room, went to work, and returned home.
Miku Nakano
  • “Both Miku Itou and Chihiro Okutani are now at an important period in their careers. They take maximum care of their relationship. I have never heard of them dating and they seem to be very meticulous about the seriousness of their relationship. I used to go out drinking with him a lot, but it has slowed down drastically in recent years. I wonder if it was around the time that Okutani-kun started living with Itou-san. It’s nice to know you have a boyfriend who wants to prioritize you over drinking with friends.“commented a source close to Okutani.
  • On December 15, we directly interviewed Miku Itou on the way to work to once again confirm the facts. about his relationship with Okutani, who is by his side every day.
    • Bunshun: “Excuse me, Itou-san. I am from Bunshun Online.”
    • Itou:Yes?“.
    • Bunshun:I would like to ask you about the fact that you live with Okutani-san from the Candy Boy group.“.
    • Itou:Oh Im sorry. I have been told that she does not answer anything“.
    • Bunshun:I understand, do you have difficulties talking about your relationship?“.
    • Itou:I would like to ask you to request information with my agency“.
    • Bunshun:Your fourth studio album will be out in February, is this an important moment for your career?“.
    • Itou:Yes, I am working very hard. I’m sorry, but I have to rush to work“,
    • Bunshun:Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule.“.
    • Itou:No, excuse me for not being able to answer you. Excuse me“.

the work of Bunshun Online It might disgust some, especially because of the certain harassment they do against Japanese artists, but the information they release ends up being true. For example, in this case they had the information since mid-November, but they didn’t publish it until Miku Itou herself was interviewed about the case.

And if you thought that all of the above was made up, the voice actress herself has already confirmed the information and apologized to his followers for the fact that his personal life was exposed in this way: On his official Twitter account he wrote: «I am very sorry for the trouble I have caused you with my private affairs. I will continue to advance as an actress and as a singer, so please continue to support me.».

Of course, there were reactions on the comment forums:

  • «It can’t be, this is a lie».
  • «oh no it’s over».
  • «I’ll kill myself if this is serious».
  • «It’s the end, there will be no continuation for Adachi to Shimamura».
  • «I am seriously shocked».
  • «Really? Already 26 years old? The last time I saw her she was still studying. I’m surprised».
  • «How strange are 2.5D actors like Okutani, since his voice is mostly used in character, he only does character-songs».
  • «Well, he’s at the age to think about marriage.».
  • «I hate that man, but I also envy him».
  • «Is this the kind of thing that destroys artist careers? Yes, but it depends on how both the actress and her agency handle it.».
  • «Noooo! They have betrayed me!».

Fuente: Bunshun Online

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