Milena Zárate’s Powerful Response to Gigi Miter’s Accusation: No Payment for Family Drama on Television

2023-09-13 11:40:49
Milena Zárate responds to Gigi Miter for questioning her about charging to talk about her family on television. ‘Love and Fire’ / Willax TV

Tense moment. Milena Zárate was on the set of ‘Amor y Fuego’ on September 12 and she spoke with Gigi Miter about the statements of Pilar Gasca, Edwin Sierra’s ex-partner, who called her a “viper” in an Instagram statement. The atmosphere became tense after the host asked the Colombian singer if she has been paid for airing family issues.

Gigi Miter questioned Milena Zárate during her visit to ‘Amor y fuego’ with questions about whether she would have received money for talking about her family problems on television. He also reminded her that he has invited the Colombian singer to give statements on intimate issues.

“Yes, it is true that for a long time, and here we have also invited you to discuss the issues with your family,” said the presenter of the Willax program.

The foreigner admitted that she did step on some sets, but denied having received cash for it. “It’s because I wanted to, but I charge… to show me,” she responded.

Milena Zárate in ‘Amor y Fuego’ with Gigi Miter. | capture/Willax

The host of ‘Amor y Fuego’ pointed out that there is nothing wrong with showbiz characters getting paid for revealing their intimate surroundings on the small screen. “We benefit, we are a show program, we invite the artist and he gets paid, I have never been against that,” justified Rodrigo González’s partner.

In the conversation, Milena Zárate pointed out that at the time, when she was confronted with Edwin Sierra, who became romantically involved with her sister, she did charge. “I did it with great pleasure because she deserved it, but she cannot guarantee something that she does not know,” she said.

Milena Zárate assures Gigi Miter that she did not charge for talking about her family on television. | composition/Infobae/Willax capture

Along these lines, Gigi Miter highlighted that she was then recognizing the billing. However, the ‘colocha’ did not want to admit it. “I charged at the time for things that I came to say, but not for family things,” she said, clarifying that it was in ‘The Value of Truth’.

“I won a contest, but for me to sit on a channel and for them to say that they have paid me to talk about such a person, they have to prove it to me,” Zárate said.

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A long statement on Instagram was left by Pilar Gasca, Edwin Sierra’s ex-partner, in which she expressed that she was fed up with Milena Zárate’s criticism over the years. She maintained that everything reached her limit and she is not afraid to defend herself against it.

It all started after the performer called her a “clown” and assured that she obtained her financial income from her own efforts, as a hint to the young woman’s activity on OnlyFans, a popular adult content platform.

Pilar Gasca attacks Milena Zárate and releases a statement. (Composition: Infobae)

As if that were not enough, the author of “Endúlzame que soy café” criticized the model’s physical appearance. These words caused the entrepreneur’s annoyance.

“He who seeks, finds. Leave me alone, sick woman. I do with my body and my life whatever I want, what interests you? Do you feed me? You have been obsessed with me for 7 years,” said Pilar Gasca.

“You call yourself an example woman when the only thing they call you on TV is to insult different women and the father of your daughter, whom you haven’t been with for 10 years,” she added in the extensive Instagram statement.

Additionally, he reminded her of the relationships that Milena Zárate had, including Edwin Sierra. “You have already had 9 husbands or more. What would you be an example of?” Here he leaves you the photos of those who know each other. You will know if there have been more. First look at the tremendous straw tail and journey you have,” he stated.

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