Miley Cyrus celebrated her birthday with … Hannah Montana

What has become of Hannah Montana since the end of her series in 2011? And unfortunately for the young star, success seems to have been lost over time. While the singer has chained concerts for years in crowded rooms, she must now host birthday parties to hope to earn a little bit of money.

When Hannah Montana sings for Miley Cyrus

It’s not a joke, it’s Miley Cyrus who just proved it to us. While the interpreter of Midnight Sky recently celebrated her birthday (28 years old on November 23), the artist had the good idea to employ Hannah Montana to do the show on stage. And according to her reaction (see below), it was obviously a little girl’s dream to be able (finally) to cross paths with Miley Stewart. We understand her, we too would like to see her sing to us The Best of Both Worlds.

Obviously, all this is false, Hannah Montana – who could also have the right to a reboot on TV, does not exist in real life (what a disappointment!). In reality, this amazing performance was simply performed by two artists: Gigi Goode and Rosy Thorn. Note also that other Drag Queens were present at this evening to allow Miley Cyrus to forget her past worries and celebrate her new projects.

Dirty Covid-19, we would have loved to participate in this party!

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