Minister Bérangère Couillard “totally” in favor of a decree to counter the National Rally’s bill

2023-09-26 09:56:34

It is a public health issue that finds itself at the heart of political rivalries. The Minister responsible for equality between women and men, Bérangère Couillard, said on Tuesday September 26, 2023, “totally” in favor of a decree for ” to counter “ the bill on endometriosis that the National Rally (RN) intends to table on October 12. The minister was questioned on the subject by Radio J.

The far-right party had announced its intention to bring a text for “support women who suffer from endometriosis” by granting them long-term illness (ALD) status. A status which allows access to a total “covered by Health Insurance”. This approach embarrasses the RN’s adversaries, particularly on the left, where voices have been raised to ask the government to take the lead.

For the minister, this bill is above all “opportunistic”but above all, she “does not meet needs” of this often disabling disease. “Endometriosis does not necessarily mean painful, incapacitating periods (…) there are other pathologies that lead to painful periods. So we have to look for a large device”she insisted.

Endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects between 1.5 million and 2.5 million women in France and results in painful periods, but also sometimes digestive and urinary problems or even back or leg pain.

An “ideological scam”

To the question of whether she was “ready to go through the decree”as some of the opponents of the RN demand, Mme Couillard replied: “Totally (…) we really need to counter this text and pass it by decree to tell the National Rally (…) “we didn’t wait for you to do it”” et “think about a much broader text” on “women’s health throughout their lives”.

The minister did not give any details on the content of this possible decree or on a date. Last week, government spokesperson Olivier Véran assured that the executive would not intervene on this subject before the RN defends its text, on October 12, in the National Assembly.

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Asked by The world during the announcement of the content of the parliamentary niche of the National Rally, the deputy “rebellious” Clémentine Autain had already denounced “an ideological scam”. In January 2022, she had the Assembly unanimously adopt a resolution – non-binding – aimed at recognizing endometriosis as an ALD. “If Macronie had issued the decree following the resolution, endometriosis would be included in ALD and treatment would be ensuredshe regrets. I call on the government to issue the decree to pull the rug out from under this purely political operation, of crass opportunism. »

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