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The majority of the Minneapolis City Council wants to completely dissolve the local police department and create a new structure for policing, as members of the council announced. In its current configuration, the Minneapolis Police Department can no longer be reformed, said nine of the 13 city councilors.

City Council Chair Lisa Bender said on CNN that Minneapolis should create a “new model of public safety” that “actually keeps our community safe.” How the previous police authority should be replaced, the city council will still discuss. City council member Jeremiah Ellis wrote on Thursday that if the agency had been dismantled, the individual parts would not be “simply glued back together”. However, the resolution has not yet been finally decided.

This still image from a Facebook video shows a police officer holding George Floyd in a stranglehold on the ground

In the city in the state of Minnesota, Floyd was killed in a brutal police operation almost two weeks ago. A white policeman had kneeled on the unarmed man’s neck for almost nine minutes, although Floyd repeatedly complained that he could no longer breathe.

The incident sparked nationwide protests in the United States as well as numerous demonstrations in other countries against police violence and racism. The protests in the United States continued on Sunday. There, more and more far-reaching reforms in the police and judicial system were called for.

The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, spoke out on Saturday at a demonstration against a liquidation of the local police and instead campaigned for reforms. He was promptly booed for this and asked to leave the protest.

Budget cuts and hoping for new laws

In New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced reforms in the police force. The police authority’s budget should be reduced and the money should instead be partly used for youth and social work, said the mayor, according to local media. The police budget is also to be reduced in Los Angeles. In April, the mayor of the west coast metropolis wanted to raise the budget for the local police.

In the capital, Washington, African-American Democratic MPs want to introduce a bill to the House of Representatives this Monday to help control police work more closely. It provides, among other things, that officials can more easily be prosecuted for brutal operations with fatal consequences. Also, holding techniques such as those that led to Floyd’s death should be prohibited. According to the legislative initiative, a database on police misconduct is to be set up.

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