Miraculous Rescue: Australian Sailor and Dog Saved After Months Lost at Sea – Incredible Survival Story!

2023-07-16 02:45:25

An Australian sailor and his dog were miraculously saved after they spent months in the Pacific Ocean eating raw fish and drinking rainwater.

Tim Shaddock and his dog, Bella, were picked up by a tuna fishing vessel off the coast of Mexico, after their boat was spotted by an escort helicopter.

Chaddock left La Paz, Mexico, in April, bound for French Polynesia, but a storm hit a few weeks into the trip, destroying the electronics on his boat.

Footage of Chadock’s rescue, obtained by the Australian network Nine News, showed the skinny man with a bushy beard speaking to the authorities.

Shaddock said he had suffered a very difficult ordeal before being rescued by the trawler, and had not eaten enough for a long time.

A doctor on the fishing trawler that rescued Chadock explained that he began eating small meals immediately, while remaining conscious of what he said and did after his ordeal.

During his time lost in the ocean, Chaddock suffered no serious illness or injury, and avoided sunburn by hiding under an umbrella on his boat.

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