The Symptoms and Treatment of Sleep Apnea: Insights from Cardiologist Dr. Munawar Al-Enezi

2023-07-16 03:32:32

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Consultant cardiologist, Dr. Munawar Al-Enezi, revealed the symptoms of sleep apnea and its treatment methods.


Al-Enezi said, during a tweet that he posted on his Twitter account: Symptoms of sleep apnea include:

1- Snoring loudly and intermittently

2- Sudden unconscious awakening from sleep.

3-night sweats.

4- Feeling sleepy all day.

hidden disorder

He explained: “All of these are symptoms that may indicate a hidden disorder that many people suffer from and that affects their lives without them realizing it.”

Regarding the relationship between sleep disturbances accompanied by apnea, it affects the heart in two ways:

1- It leads to high pressure and difficulty in controlling it.

2- Exacerbation of symptoms of heart failure, and it is believed that what causes this is: Low blood oxygen.

3- Increased inflammatory and oxidative stress in the lining of the arteries.

4- Contraction of arterial walls and increased resistance.

Electrical sensors

Regarding the diagnosis, he indicated: at sleep disorders clinics, where the auditor undergoes certain tests that are conducted in the sleep examination laboratory, and the examined person is connected to electrical sensors that are connected to the scalp, eyelids, and extremities to measure brain waves, eye movement, limb movement, and apnea.


He drew: the percentage of oxygen in the blood is measured by connecting sensors to one of the fingers, and blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate are also measured.

The test is done at night to allow for a normal sleep.

respiratory failure

Regarding the results of the examination: the correct result: the sleep apnea index is less than 5 seconds, the mild disorder: the respiratory stop index is from 5-15 seconds, the medium disorder: the respiratory stop index is between 15-30 seconds, and the severe disorder: the respiratory stop index is more than 30 second.

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Sleep disorders

He continued: “The pattern of eye movement and brain waves also helps the doctor diagnose sleep disorders, and the repetitive movement of the legs helps diagnose periodic limb movement disorder.”


Regarding treatment, he reported: lifestyle changes

(weight loss works to reduce the problem, especially in those who have an enlarged tongue), continuous positive airway pressure devices and masks, and this is the most common treatment for sleep apnea because it is very safe and effective, and the device is placed on the bedside table connected to a hose with a mask placed on the face when sleeping.

Three features

He added: These devices usually have three main features: purifying the air, heating and humidifying the air, and gently compressing and directing the air directly into the airways so that the air travels through the nose and down the throat into the trachea in this way, instead of closing the airway every few minutes. It causes a continuous flow of air and keeps the larynx open.

Dental appliances

And he continued: “Dental devices are devices installed by the dentist, which pull the jawbone forward during sleep in order to open the airway more, in a sample of people who (grind teeth) when sleeping! Although these devices are not effective for everyone, they are It may be an option for some.

ear and nose

And he concluded: “Surgery previously used to cut some excess tissue in the back of the throat to try to open the airway, and currently it is not considered a good option because the problem may recur after surgery, but in the case of children who suffer from sleep apnea, The first line of treatment is to remove the tonsils.”

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