«Miss Hitler», the muse of the frustrated Italian Nazi group

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Francesca Rizzi boasted she was currently "Miss Hitler." With a giant Nazi eagle and a swastika tattooed on his back, he had won that title in an online contest this year. A 26-year-old Italian, Rizzi now occupies the front pages of her country's newspapers for an even more disturbing reason: she is being investigated with 18 other people for subversive association and instigation to commit crimes. Among his purposes was, according to the authorities, to found an Italian Nazi party again.

La Digos, the special body of the Police, proceeded to his arrest last Thursday after a year and a half tracking his communications, full of anti-Semitic and xenophobic comments. "Miss Hitler" was one of those agitators that abound in the network, where she directed hatred towards Jews and immigrants. «These subhumans must disappear from the face of the earth. With the ovens it would take too much time, ”reads one of his comments published by the Italian media. His profile on the VK network, a kind of Russian Facebook, has been closed.

The same thing called Senator Liliana Segre, a victim of the Holocaust and now escorted by racist threats, that attacked the ultra-right-wing Matteo Salvini "bastard" for photographing with the flag of Israel. The League's postulates in favor of "the Italians first" were not enough when Salvini declared himself an admirer of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Without a stable job and a child she has raised alone, according to police investigations, Rizzi lived from sporadic jobs and the help of his parents in Pozzo D'Adda, a town of about 5,300 inhabitants in the province of Milan. Meanwhile, his popularity on the network served him to add followers to his cause. In addition, by the hand of her friend Antonella Pavin – called the "Sergeant Major of Hitler" – she went last summer to the so-called Lisbon Nationalist Conference with a view to creating an alliance between like-minded groups in Portugal, France, Spain and Italy. The contact with other European movements gives both the leadership of this group, which according to the Police, had as its ultimate goal the creation of the Italian National Socialist Workers Party, of neo-Nazi inspiration.

Nazi or fascist propaganda is prohibited by law in Italy. However, if until now the police officers had followed their movements in silence, this week they decided to take action and carry out a series of searches in several cities under the coordination of the Prosecutor's Office of the Sicilian city of Caltanissetta. Because it is from this island in southern Italy that the investigation, based on the shooting against an immigrant reception center, started.

The first conversations they intercepted were those of a man from the neighboring town of Enna who had contacts with neo-Nazi groups such as the Portuguese New Social Order or that of Aryan With Michine-C18, linked to the English skinheads of Blood and Honor. . In the listeners allusions to the availability or possibility of buying weapons and explosives began to appear. Among the material seized by the Police were rifles, crossbows, knives and fascist propaganda material, including pamphlets with swastikas and insults against left-wing parliamentarians.

Another of the activities on which the defendants were tracked was related to the recruitment of people for the "militia" that the group planned to train in the north of the country, specifically in the Piedmont region. That is when an old chief of the ‘Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia, appears on the scene. This is Pasquale Nucera, whose repentance and collaboration with Justice does not prevent him from offering to train new recruits and facilitate weapons while managing an agritourism in the Liguria region. Nucero, also a reference for the far-right Forza Nueva party, is even credited with burning the headquarters of the National Association of Partisans, those who fought against fascism and Nazi occupation during World War II.

To the repentant mobster, «Miss Hitler» and the rest of those investigated, the authorities accuse them of instigating crime and of constituting and participating in a subversive association as a result of intercepted conversations of xenophobic and anti-Semitic content. They had chosen a motto – "Invisible, silent and lethal" – and were ready to launch their National Socialist party. According to the director of Police Counter-Terrorism, they all had a "high degree of violent fanaticism" full of "philonazi nostalgia." In recent years the emergence of fascist or neo-Nazi groups has become visible in Italy and there are already several police raids in which armed groups are dismantled. Last year, even a declared Mussolini fan went out to the streets of Macerata to shoot immigrants, injuring six of them. Now, the "Black Shadows" operation has thwarted the attempt of "Miss Hitler" and company to structure these movements.



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