Mobility in the center of Brussels: what will change from this Monday

The City of Brussels plans to “appease”, from next August, mobility in the Pentagon with a battery of measures, including one-way traffic, loops and filters. As of this Monday, part of rue Royale is closed due to development work.

Royal Street

Prohibition on driving rue Royale, in both directions, except public transport and priority vehicles, between rue de la Loi and rue de Louvain. Offending vehicles will be flashed by automatic cameras. Traffic filter with passage limited to buses, trams, cyclists and emergency services.

Education Street and Congress Street

Widening of Place de Louvain creating a loop from Rue de l’Enseignement towards Rue Croix de Fer. Installation of bollards at the Paul bakery. Prohibition of driving on rue du Congrès, in both directions, except public transport and priority vehicles, at Place de la Liberté.

Pedestrianization, traffic ban, one-way or widening of the lanes… Here are the changes planned by August 16 by the plan in inner Brussels:

Avenue de Stalingrad

Upset one-way traffic planned as part of the redevelopment, previously agreed with the district.

freedom square

Enlargement of the square with a passage limited to the emergency services.

Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés, rue du Chêne, rue de Villers and rue de Villers

Pedestrianization of the square and adjoining streets and connection to the historic center.

Yser Square

Mandatory right turn coming from the Quai du Commerce towards the tunnel and coming from the Boulevard de Dixmude. Quai de Willebroeck accessible via the Petite Ceinture.

Sainte-Catherine Square

One-way layout. Motorists coming from the quays are obliged to turn left onto Rue de Laeken.

Shore Gate

Pedestrian continuity between Square Marguerite Duras and Porte du Rivage.

Chapel Street

Connection of the Place de la Chapelle to the Skate Park. Limited access to emergency services and buses on their own lane.

Rue de la Senne

The central berm widens and becomes a new place. Access to garages and for emergency services is maintained.

Rue des Foulons

The street is one-way opposite the height of Rue du Vautour, reducing speeding.

Rue des Riches-Claires

School street between Saint-Christophe and Van Artevelde.

Rue des Six Tokens

Limited access to Place Fontainas for emergency services and buses by means of a dedicated bus site.

Rue des Ursulines

Reversal of the one-way street to calm the streets of the Stalingrad and Rouppe districts.

Canon Street – Marais Street

A traffic filter to secure school surroundings. Maintained access for pedestrians, cyclists, garage users and emergency services.

Gentleman’s Street

Area with limited access to cyclists, buses, taxis, garage and emergency services.

Marais Street

Limited access area with retractable bollard next to the Petite Ceinture. Maintained access to hospital emergencies for ambulances, taxis and patients.

Pork Market Street

One-way from Rue Locquenghien to Rue Léon Lepage. Leaving the city via Dansaert and the Petite Ceinture.

Mirror Street – Falcon Street

Pedestrianization/limited access zone planned after the redevelopment as part of the Les Marolles Sustainable Neighborhood Contract.

Rue du Rempart des Moines

Partial pedestrianization planned after redevelopment as part of the School Contract.

High Street

Rue Haute between J. Stevens and Empereur in a pedestrian zone, with a passage maintained for buses and emergency services.

Flanders, Ophem and Key streets

Restricted access area with retractable bollard Rue de Flandre at Rue Léon Lepage. Residents, traders, delivery people, people with garages and emergency services keep access.

Namur Street

Project to be developed in consultation with residents and traders in order to calm the street.

Ravenstein, Twelve Apostles and Parc Mountain streets

Pedestrianization planned after the redevelopment of the Marché au Bois.

Rues Van Artevelde et Dansaert

Van Artevelde between Dansaert and Six Jetons: one-way inversion and opposite bus/bike/taxis. For rue Dansaert, one-way traffic from Van Artevelde to the Vieux Marché aux Grains with the opposite direction by bus/bike/taxis.

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