Montana: Giant brown trout breaks state record

The giant brown trout was caught by Robbie Dockter from Conrad, Montana. His fish weighed 32.42 lb (equivalent to 14.7 kilograms) and came from the Marias River. The fish the angler caught earlier this year has since set the state record, beating the old record holder from 1966 by about three pounds. The brown trout snagged a spoon spoon on a two-kilo line. Robbie thought he had a 10-pound trout on the hook, but then, by the light of his headlamp, he saw what was really on the hook. And then the mail went off…

Angler and daughter go fishing once a week

Robbie knows the river like the back of his hand and takes a daughter Sierra fishing at least once a week, especially in the early evenings. At first Robbie thought he was stuck. Then the fish darted back and forth in the river as if it wasn’t hooked at all. “I was afraid he would jump or roll and break the line, but it didn’t,” he told the magazine earlier this year Field & Stream. With his ultra-light spinning rod, he could only play the brown trout very carefully, and that paid off.

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After more than a quarter of an hour of fighting, Robbie was able to strand the fish. Daughter Sierra had never seen a fish that big and immediately suspected that he might have caught a record fish. The next day, Robbie had the brown trout weighed and recognized as Montana’s All State Record. “Drilling this fish was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I would have treated my daughter’s fish even more,” he said.

Commenting on the catch, Jason Rhoten, ranger for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP), “The Marias River hosts some very nice brown trout, but to be able to produce a record fish like this is an absolute exception. Such a fish is rarely caught. In addition, Robbie was very lucky that he was able to land the giant with his lightweight device.”

Robbie had a replica of the new state record made and left the fish for the MFWP to analyze.

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