Moral courage shown: waitress rescues abused boy with a hidden note

PublishedJanuary 17, 2021, 4:37 pm

An 11-year-old was injured by an employee of a Florida restaurant. She acted immediately.

With the help of this note, the boy was saved.

Orlando Police Department

It was thanks to a waitress that an 11-year-old man put an end to his suffering. In a restaurant in Orlando, Florida, the employee noticed the boy of a family of four. According to the police, the attentive waitress Flavaine Carvalho noticed during her shift on New Year’s Day that the child was not allowed to order anything and that he had various bruises on his arms and face.

Carvalho wanted to know from the boy if he needed help, as various US media report. To do this inconspicuously, she wrote on a piece of paper, “Do you need help? Ok »and held it so that only the 11-year-old could see it. At first he shook his head, but then nodded on the second attempt, the authorities report. Carvalho then informed the police in consultation with her boss.

The boy told the officers about the mistreatment. Among other things, he was tied upside down to a door with his ankles and neck tied. He was also hit with a wooden stick. The police arrested both the stepfather and the mother a few days later after further investigation. The latter admitted that she knew about the abuse.

With the moral courage of Carvalho, the boy’s martyrdom came to an end. “Through them the child could be saved,” said Orlando’s police chief at a media conference. The second child who was in the restaurant with the family that day was also moved to a new location. Both are doing better now.

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