More Beautiful, Amel Carla Often Gets Naughty DMs from Netizens – Beautiful actress Amel Carla has undergone many changes in recent times, especially in terms of appearance.

He is even said to have a sexier body and gets a lot of praise from fans.

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As a result of these changes, not a few of the netizens sent him a short message via Instagram in the form of a naughty and disrespectful bunch.

Amel Carla Gets a Naughty DM

Having an increasingly sexy body, Amel Carla admits that she has experienced many changes, especially because she used to have a heavy body.

This makes netizens try to tease Amel Carla through social media. He also admitted that he could not avoid it.

“However, there must be one,” said Amel Carla, in the Antasari area, South Jakarta, recently.

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But it wasn’t just the nosy actions of netizens that Amel Carla received. Some are curious about how to change body shape.

“Thank God my netizens are supportive and kind. Take a bicycle together and find out how I can be thin,” said Amel.

Amel Carla So Inspiration

Photo: – Instagram/@amelcarla

Even so, the 21-year-old actress said she didn’t want to be called a teacher to change her body shape. But only as a motivator for his fans.

He also only gives tips to maintain a diet. But it all comes back to the person.

“Well, since I’m trying not to recommend you guys go on a diet, no. Just be yourself, because all this time I’ve been like that, “explained Amel Carla.

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As is known, Amel Carla was first known when playing the character Carla in a sitcom called Husband Husband Fear Wife which aired on TV in 2007.

Since then he began to be known, so he pinned Carla in his last name.

Amel Carla has also hosted the Indonesia Kids Choice Awards. In January 2014, Amel Carla released her first single with her sister, Isnania Nurlintang Aqmarina with the title Do Not First Love-Cinta.*

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