More dumb! Who? The heroine of tears Secretly a young, famous businessman

causing netizens to have to pursue more after the page “Jae Moi 108” came out to post the story of one famous actress that “when meeting a reporter asking about love “Tearful heroine” has been fumbling about love for a long time. until some people think that there is a husband or not Until recently..Ea, a good-eyed cat, went to see a friend of the heroine posting an IG story. see the tearful heroine is flirting with a famous business man I’m like quit.. Oh!! And what about the heroine’s boyfriend who has been dating for 4 it this person?

If it’s a business person.. I’m going to struggle, how cool is that?! who do not want to open it because it is not the real one Are you a sorcerer? Go do your own homework. Subpoena to the front of the Meng people for sure.

In this event, two well-known MCs from the program “Peak Mun An Cut” 8 Jaja Primrata and Po Anop came out to give more hints that they knew who this person was, but could not mention their name. You’ll be sued for sure.

  • This tearful heroine has been acting in the drama “Mae Rot” since the age of 18.
  • Looks neat, sweet voice, slender face, small body.
  • It was very popular when I was young. but have children in the drama playing in a lot of colors


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