More secret documents found in ex-President Trump’s storage room

Mar-a-Lago, former President Trump’s private residence in Palm Beach, Florida (picture alliance / dpa / Jiji Press)

US media reports that an external team commissioned by Trump officials made the find. There are two documents, but nothing is known about their content. They were handed over to the FBI. The storage room was used to store items from an office used by Trump employees after he left the White House.

On August 8, the FBI searched Trump’s Palm Beach home and seized confidential, classified and top-secret documents from his tenure. As early as January, the National Archives had 15 boxes with appropriately classified documents removed from the Trump residence.

The investigations are about, among other things, possible violations of federal laws and allegations of obstruction of justice.

This message was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk on December 8th, 2022.

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